Our Children & Young People

Make a Difference provides long term support to a small group of children and young people from south-west Sydney, and the Shoalhaven: from townships near to our Kangaroo Valley property.

Our young people live in challenging circumstances, and are in the highest category of need. They join a network of other young people and our volunteer adults, and find support, and a place to belong and feel safe, via our regular retreats.

Once a child is part of our program we are alert to their needs and aim to provide whatever supports they need to level the playing field in relation to their peers. 

We have a model based on respect towards our young people, which brings out the very best in them.

Our Founder and Clinical Director, Mandy Miles, has worked with our kids over many years now, and has seen how our support changes their futures. Giving them the opportunity to know and become attached to a group of happy, balanced adults who are capable of focusing on them, and engaging with them has been life-changing for them.