Who We Are

Make a Difference is a growing charity with a big ambition

We are dedicated to a small group of children and young people
who generally won’t get involved with support agencies:
we engage with hard-to-reach children in the highest category of need

In keeping with our philosophy and our model,
we support these kids over many years . . .
and we (the staff and 40 volunteer adults) and they,
have regular retreat weekends together several times a year,
and in that process we all become important to each other

We believe all children need an adult to be connected to,
so we give our kids adults to be connected to

They connect with each other too, and that’s just as important

We stay involved with the young people we support from when they’re around
10 years old until they grow up, and beyond - we find it changes their futures

They will always be able to know us if they want to,
because we become like family.

It is never time to stop seeing the people who matter

Our children and young people have a level of strength and courage and beauty within them
that is hard to imagine, but easy to see, when you get to know them

We have fun together, and we support them in a million ways
as they navigate the challenges of their lives.
We encourage our children and young people to dream dreams
for themselves and we help them to fulfil those dreams

We stick together through the hard times

We love our kids and we love being important to them.
We try to ensure that everything we do is innovative and creative
and fresh and inspiring and respectful towards them

We know they deserve the very best, and we try always to be that for them  

 Our Future

Our plans involve expanding our retreat program to support
up to 30 young people – a doubling of our current program.

The speed with which we achieve this goal will depend on our capacity to generate
further funding for our work – particularly the funding for more paid staff hours
for engaging with and supporting our kids.

Then, it may take weeks or months of one-to-one relationship-building
before they are ready to participate in a camp. It is inevitably a slow process.

We have our model and we have the property,
and some funding to develop the property.

Further funding will allow us to increase our staffing and grow the program.

Make a Difference does not receive any ongoing Government support so we are totally
dependent on donations, and the money we raise ourselves, to fund our operations. 

We operate primarily in the west and south-west of Sydney, and the Shoalhaven (Berry to South Nowra), in NSW.