Two Retreats in November

It was a joy to be part of the two retreats we held in the last month, with both the boys and the girl’s camps being a great experience as usual.

 The girls camp was harmonious and a great chance for a small group of girls and women to enjoy each others company and benefit from some time out together from the stresses of life.

 The weekend was enlivened by a fabulous new 10 year old camper, who made her presence felt in no uncertain terms. We all grew to love her and look forward to her involvement in the years ahead.

The main activities of the weekend were horse riding, Karaoke at home, and driving around the property in the back of the ute.

On Sunday mornings we often share things we like or have appreciated about each other, and that was a heart-warming experience.

The boys camp was more robust, and it was pleasing to see the boys and men adopt a system of self-government during the weekend which involved writing a law that we would live by, and beginning to work out how to implement that law.

This democratic rule, applied equally by all members, will ensure that the retreat can be a happy experience for all as we go forward. It will be a great way for members to learn more about relationships and about how their actions affect others, as well as learning to consider others in the things we do and say.

Activities were go-karting, canoeing, watching a large tree being felled, driving practice in the yard around the house, and the ever-important board games.

Adults and young people complete feedback forms at the end of each retreat, and the feedback was very positive as usual, which was great to see.

Mandy Miles
17th December 2014

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