Our Strategy and Goals For 2014-2016

At our Board Meeting in July 2014, Make a Difference committed to the following goals.

By 30 June 2016 Make a Difference is:

1.        Running a thriving retreats/camps programme and providing ongoing support for 30 young people.  We already run an intensive retreats/camp program for 12 children and young people and will step this up to support 30 children and young people. 

2.       Contributing to and influencing debate/policy on issues around mental health and disadvantage particularly as they affect young people

3.       Finished the initial phase of development of the Kangaroo Valley property

We have a lease over 175 acres of property in the Kangaroo Valley area.  We already use this for our retreats but a key priority is to develop this land so we can use the land for a wider range of activities including for accommodation. 

4.       Appropriately resourced with a small team of high quality and passionate professionals supported by enthusiastic volunteers.  We currently have a wonderful Clinical Director and terrific volunteers but this will need to grow to build capacity.   

5.       Making real progress towards measuring and demonstrating our success, and such success is clearly communicated to stakeholders

6.       Over the past 2 years Make a Difference has substantially expanded our fundraising capacity.  To deliver support to 30 young people our funding base will need to continue to grow and become solid and sustainable.