Four things make us different to other charities

A Personal Approach

Our approach is personal, sensitive and respectful.  

At the core of what we do is to run camps and programmes aimed at levelling the playing field for disadvantaged children and young people in Sydney's South West. 

But we also help our clients in other,  substantial ways, providing significant financial help and mentoring where required.  At the end of the day, we are trying to make a difference. 

Charity of Last Resort

We only get involved when all other avenues have been exhausted.

Lean and Mean

Well.....we're not really mean.  But we are a very lean organisation with a low cost base. We rely heavily on our wonderful board and other volunteers to deliver services to our clients. For 12 years, until the start of 2012, no-one in the organisation was paid. Now we have one part-time paid employee.

Most Disadvantaged

We see the most disadvantaged, and those with the most serious problems. This also means we often work with our clients over a long period of time. 


Corporate Information

Make a Difference Ltd is a Registered Charity
ABN: 16 093 464 512 ~ CFN17050
PO Box 67 The Oaks 2570 NSW
Ph: (02) 4657 1779 ~ Fax: (02) 4657 1778

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