Boys Camp June 2014

From one of our leaders:

"The Make A Difference retreat was a great chance for me to get away from the busy city for a weekend and help enrich the lives of boys who live in impoverished living situations. Not only did I have a great time, but I saw a change in each and every boy as they spent more time away from their families. I am glad that I have the opportunity to be a good example to these boys.

During the camp we got involved in a number of activities with the boys. In particular a highlight for me was playing a game of cricket that the boys organised themselves. What stood out to me was that they were so encouraging to get their whole group involved, rather than leaving anyone out. Everyone had multiple turns at different positions and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

Another comment:

"I'm a bit of a veteran of the camps these days, and so it was quickly apparent to me that this was the most homely of them all. The first boys' camp to take place on our own property, it was a weekend full of anti-bored board games, warm fires, domestic cooking, 20/20 cricket at our very own KVCG (the driveway), horse and go-kart riding and driving. For the boys, I'm confident the weekend will have been a fiery clawback of some of the important aspects of being an adolescent that they may not otherwise have had. For me, happy an ambitious fielding attempt probably has not left me infertile, I look forward to our next opportunity to come together to grow our closeness and to spend more time together as a pack of young - and not as young - men."