Volunteers Get Stuck In!

A group of die-hard Make a Difference volunteers and Board members converged on the property in Kangaroo Valley that we plan to use to run camps in the near future.  

For the moment, our campers have to stay at other locations around Kangaroo Valley,  although we can have day trips to the property.  

The property is in a beautiful part of Kangaroo Valley and consists of 175 acres of pristine wilderness.  It's a wonderful place and ideal for our camps. 

We need to do some work on the property before we can accommodate campers so the purpose of this trip was to clear an access path through the property and identify where we will make our base camp.  

We worked hard and made considerable progress, but not without cost, as Board Member Kevin discovered a day later when he found a tick! Nasty!  Fortunately he's made a full recovery.