Meet Mandy Miles, Make a Difference Founder and Clinical Director

Why did you start Make a Difference?

  In 2000 I saw a gap in the charitable sector in that most charities then, and still today, can only give small amounts of financial relief.  For example, the major charity I was working for had a limit of $25 per family, limited to 3 payments a year. 

I was overseeing programs dealing with families with massive problems.  I remember a young man just out of prison with his partner and new baby who were homeless. $25 wasn’t a very meaningful contribution for them.  With Make a Difference, we have the opportunity to help people in a more substantial way, if needed.

What do you do with your spare time? 

 Spare time!? Apart from my responsibilities with Make a Difference, I’m employed full-time with the Department of Health and have been the full-time carer of a lady with mental health challenges for many years.  If I ever get to retire, I would enjoy reading, cooking, and living on a farm.

What’s rewarding about the work Make a Difference does?  It’s heartwarming to see the gratitude and relief from people in a very difficult situation, who really didn’t think there would be anyone who would care about their problems.  More broadly, within our small corner, we bring a level of kindness and care into the world that helps make it a better place, and that’s gratifying.