Christmas Picnic 2015

Make a Difference held its second Christmas picnic in a park in Campbelltown on a Saturday in mid-December. The morning gloom and rain magically dispersed to create a lovely warm and sunny day – the perfect setting for our children and young people to catch up with each other and with the adults who attend our retreats.

We kind of like traditions, and it was fun getting to play cricket again this year, and to start to build a tradition of having a cricket game at our annual Christmas get-together.

Cricket wasn’t all – we played soccer, too, and some rode skateboards in the park. Making bubbles was a big hit – you’ve gotta look at the pictures! (See below)

We shared a generous spread of delicious food and there were Christmas gifts for all. It was a fabulous day filled with laughter and friendship.

Some of us marvelled anew at the amazing connections that have built over the last several years amongst our young people, and between them and ourselves. Our gatherings are always special times, whether at a one-day event like this, or on a weekend retreat. It is heartening to see the young people caring about each other, and maintaining harmonious relationships despite all their differences – the world needs more of that . . .

A big thank you to all of you who took part – it was wonderful to see each of you there.